For over 25 years, Greg has been successfully communicating to consumers, businesses, and peers. He has worked at global advertising agencies such as small boutique shops in the greater New York area. His abilities led him to Spike TV where he worked on the network’s core branding and in-house advertising and promotions. After spearheading the day-to-day leadership of the creative department at Pierce Promotions & Event Marketing, and winning several awards, Greg ventured out on his own to start ‘Brand Royal’ – a branding/marketing/advertising consultancy that focuses on nurturing the relationship between brands and their communities.

Greg’s background is rich in music and art. After studying music throughout his youth, he pursued fine art, graphic design and advertising at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City. He brings extensive experience working with a diverse collection of brands such as Casio, P&G, Hasbro and Skyy Vodka to name a few. Greg’s passion for all genres of music is infused in everything he does. Known as @DJNoRequest both on and off Twitter, Greg has spun at SVA, clubs, bars and block parties, and is honored to bring all his different skills to the scene in Portland, Maine.

contact: greg@brandroyal.net